Sarez lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tajikistan, located in the Pamirs.

It was formed on February 6, 1911, after a strong 7-point earthquake, when the Murghab river was dammed by a huge landslide, forming a natural dam with a height of 567 meters. The echo of the earthquake was recorded thousands of kilometers from the scene – at the Pulkovo seismic station near St. Petersburg. The filled basin in the same year flooded the village of Sarez, which gave the name to the lake.

Sarez lake stretches almost 60 km in length (55,8), and its depth is about 500 meters. This lake is called the pearl of the Pamir mountains – so it is extremely beautiful. The path to the lake from the valley of the river Bartang (Murgab) starts in the village Nisur and passes through the pass Garagashli village Barchadiv. From here the trail leads up the left Bank of the Murghab, now rising high above the gorge, then descending to the water.

Information for tourists who want to see the Pamir “water” miracle with their own eyes: to visit the lake, you must have a special pass, as the territory of the lake is under protection.

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