Iskandarkul - Sarytag - Artuch

The Fann Mountains are an amazing and most popular tourist region of Tajikistan.

The Fann Mountains are a country of emerald lakes, sky-high peaks and ancient legends. There are few such amazing places in the world where more than 30 mountain lakes and a dozen mountain peaks above 5,000 meters stretch in a relatively small area (approximately 650 sq. Km). The picturesque Zindon and Archamaydan valleys, the fabulous beauty of Lake Big Allo, surrounded by vertical cliffs, the most beautiful Kulikalon, Alaudin, ​​Marguzor lakes, the legendary Iskandarkul lake, amazing waterfalls, the charming peaks of Chimtarg, Energy, Chapdara, and the Great Hansa attract lovers of trekking and alpine trips here all over the world.

Type of travel :Active
Group of: four people
Time: 4 days - 3 nights