Sanatorium Puli Sangin one of the best luxury resorts-resorts of Tajikistan located along the Vakhsh river, in a very beautiful landscape place of the country.

The sanatorium takes its name from the name of the village in which it is located and in Russian is translated as “Stone bridge”.  This resort was opened in August 2013.

It is noteworthy that the resort is located near the city of Dushanbe on the shore of the blue sea where around the green mountains, the beautiful city of Nurek and a Giant power generation station that you can see and not forget for a lifetime.

The boarding house is built on the territory of 412 acres of land worth about 2 million US dollars which employs about 50 people. The total capacity of the organization in the service is about 40-45 people per day. The boarding house has a reception, a hotel for 20 beds, swimming pools, 3 residential buildings, an Assembly hall, a dining room, a gazebo for relaxing on the banks of the river, sports grounds for football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and table tennis, a billiard room, a sauna, various ATVs, small electric cars to move around the complex, a racetrack with thoroughbred horses, special carriages, playgrounds and other entertainment centers.

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